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Portal of Glory
By Sharon Hardy Knotts
In July 2016, Sharon's routine annual mammogram led to a diagnosis of breast cancer. In September, a few days after surgery, Sharon experienced a phenomenal dream of an open heaven when the glory of God radiated upon her with beams of warm light penetrating her body with vibrant energy. She summed up this experience in a word: Ecstacy!

A curious twist in the dream occurred when Sharon declared over and over: "Gloria Santigo!" This led to a google search to a cathedral in Spain, which then landed her in the wilderness with OT patriarch Jacob and his angelic ladder between heaven & earth. Don't Miss One Golden Nugget of This Revelatory Experience & Tap into The Heavenly Realm!

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Chronicles of Breast Cancer
Sharon details the saga of her months of medical procedures and the supernatural, unsurpassable peace of God that infused her heart on the first day of diagnosis and never left. Inspirational & Uplifting!

Portal of Glory

"Gloria Santiago!" she cried as heavenly light penetrated her body: Pure ecstasy!

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