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The Ram's Horn Anointing

A vial of oil for Saul who proved unfaithful. A horn of oil for David the beloved.

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The Power of One Praying Man

Elisha the prophet is the best illustration of the extraordinary power of one praying man.

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New Creations Sons of God

Comprehend the new birth: Who, where, what we are in Christ & how to live this life.

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Brotherly Love: The Key to Unity

Evangelism cannot occur where there is division. Offenses will come, but the emphasis should be on restoration!

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Blessings in the Valley

Trapped by 3 enemy armies, praise brought angelic rescue! Don't stay home when you're in a battle!

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Gethsemane: The Olive Press

Jesus experienced His greatest agony in this Garden, and every true follower will too.

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The Secret Place

Psalm 91 is a handbook of security & protection for all who abide in El Shaddai. Angelic deliverers are active on our behalf!

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Exceeding Greatness of God's Power

The resurrection of Jesus is the ultimate display of His power, but there's more than the empty tomb!

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God's Vineyard

John 15 & Isaiah 5 depict believers as fruit bearers & God as the vine dresser, looking for blue ribbon grapes!

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The Bible Doctrine of Hope

How to believe in hope when even hope is against you! Hope is the second stage of Faith...

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Bless the Children

Parents can determine what their children will become. Stop speaking curses & speak blessings over your children!

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Mercy: The Outgoing Love of God

A love letter from the heart of our Heavenly Father & 2 Prophecies of Comfort.

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The Tight Spots of a Christian

For anyone ever "pressed above measure":God allows us to face adversities but delivers us from all.

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Measures of the Spirit

O.T. prophets received a specific measure of the anointing, but we can have the Spirit without measure!

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Grace Sufficient

When you come to your breaking point, God's grace is more than enough! For you in severe trials.

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God Became Man

The incarnation of Christ:Glory relinquished as a human servant to glory restored at the resurrection.

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Satan's Complete Defeat

Jesus beheld Satan fall as lightning from heaven, and if you're in Christ, he's under your feet!

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The Eternal Priesthood

Jesus underwent a permanent change in nature to become our true High priest.

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Humans have 5 senses, but Spirit-filled Christians have 6! With the eye of faith we see the invisible!

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Divorce: the Christian Dilemma

Marital problems, contemplating divorce? Sound, scriptural counsel from God's Word.

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Vessels of Honor

Join Jeremiah at the potter's house for 7 steps necessary to create a vessel for the Master's use

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